The Valley of the Mills

the most famous hike in Amalfi


Come and discover the pearls of the Amalfi coast through this hike which joins three of the main cities of the Amalfi coast: Ravello, Scala and Amalfi.

RAVELLO, universally recognized as the city of music, has enchanted and inspired many musicians. Small streets, villas and churches with beautiful mosaics, its atmosphere and the wonderful gardens make it an unforgettable place, an oasis of infinite tranquility and an ideal place for hikers and trekking lovers. From Ravello we will start our hike walking across SCALA, the most ancient village of the Amalfi Coast, an important stronghold of the ancient Republic of Amalfi. Once, left  Scala and its medieval vibes, we are ready to reach AMALFI walking through the “Valle delle Ferriere e dei Mulini.” Descending across old paper mills, waterfalls and rare plants, this trail brings you in a totally unusual scenery for the sunny Amalfi coast, a few steps away from the center of the town. Once arrived in Amalfi you will have the chance to fully enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate, taste the typical products and enjoy enchanting views with its Cathedral, numerous churches scattered throughout the territory, and the beautiful landscapes that made this place famous all over the world.

Distance : 4km

Elevation gain : 360m↓ 90m↑
Details: Pontone ‐ Amalfi
Difficulty: T

Path type: little part on road, forest path, a few parts are rocky and uneven.
Botany: Holm oak ,ash , chestnut, mediterranean scrub, rare ferns
Fauna: italian frog, toad, salamander, birds of prey, dragonfly, butterfly..
Historical and archaeological interests: Cathedral of Amalfi, tower of Ziro, Church of San Eustachio, aqueduct and remains of the mills, ancient forge and of many paper mills

MAP valley of the mills
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