Ieranto Bay

the bay of mermaids


Jump and swim in the Mediterranean

Distance : 5km Elevation gain : 185m↑ 185↓ Details: Nerano – Ieranto Difficulty: T/ E Path type: ancient stone paved path , paths on stone and dirt paths, stony staircase of the miners or path under olive trees

Discover the lesser know bay of IERANTO walk from the picturesque village of NERANO through the mythical landscape of the islands of the Sirens (today Li Galli) and the crested rock (then mount Tre Pizzi): rock icons and bird sanctuaries, now as in the days of Ulysses.

Botany: mediterranean scrub, scrubland aereas, carrob trees , true myrtle, mastic tree, jupiter’s beard, lithospermo, euphorbia,red valerian, broom, asphodel, , rosemary, orchids,.. Fauna: birds of prey (kestrel, peregrine falcon, buzzard, raven, sea gull,..) migratory and sedentary birds and insects, butterflies , reptiles( lizards , harmless snakes ) small mammals Historical and archaeological interests: difence tower Montalto, lime kiln, quarry, remains of roman constructions Punta Capitello, cave of Noglie (findings of the late Aeneolithic age) Natural landscape interests: view on Capri, view on Marina del Cantone and Galli islands, karst formations and caves, beautiful bay with the possibility to swim (snorkeling), marine protected area (zone B) possibility of guided tours in kayak e snorkeling

Ieranto Bay Map

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