Sorrento lemon tour

the essence of Sorrento


A TASTE OF ITALY  food & walking tour

There is no question that Italy is famous all over the world for its food. So don’t miss the chance to take part to this introductory tour for those who love – or are just curious – about the local excellences. Walking along the town of Sorrento you will have the chance of learning about its history and knowing about the cultivation and production of lemons, olive oil, cheese and wine. An expert guide will lead you step by step in the knowledge of the basic principles of cultivation, production and tasting of the local products(include). You will learn to understand and recognize the quality of these excellent products, from the typical production to their properties, such as color, aroma and flavor. At the end of this tour, you will be able to understand the main characteristics of this products. You will immediately test what you learned by visiting a factory producing local cheese and also a wine and limoncello factory. At the end of this tour even the taste of a simple bruschetta topped with local extra virgin olive oil, fresh cheese  paired with a glass of wine, will acquire a whole new value.

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