Pasta tour

Gragnano: The European Capital of Pasta

Pasta Tour: Gragnano, the European Capital of Pasta

Gragnano, the city of pasta, famous all over the world for its handcrafted pasta production. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the best pasta factories of the place, where you can admire the masters of “Pasta making”. Combining passion and tradition they make small masterpieces in every possible format. After visiting the pasta factory we will face together a little hike in the Valley of the Mills which offers you the opportunity to admire extraordinary scenarios . A few steps away from the city center, immersed into the wild nature, are the majestic remains of old mills. Here flour and pasta were produced for about 600 years, a source of livelihood even for the main city of Naples. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes where nature still retains the memory of a past that has made Gragnano famous all over the world. At the end of this tour, if you fancy, you can have lunch in a typical restaurant which uses only pasta made in old authentic way.

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