Punta della Campanella

The most ancient path



Distance : 7,5 km
Elevation gain : 628m↓ 628m↑
Details : Termini – Punta Campanella – Monte San Costanzo – Termini
Difficulty: E
Path type: little part on road, ancient stone paved path, paths on stone and dirt paths

Follow  the ancient pilgrim pathway that takes you as higt as Mount San Costanzo and as far as PUNTA CAMPANELLA ,through a landscape of times gone by  Mount San Costanzo, can evoke mythical foundations and ancient pilgrimages, or perform again, as the crops of the men and the natural vegetation return, a landscape of days gone by Benedictine vineyards, olive trees of Minerva and Jupiter’s beards.

Botany: mediterraneo  scrub, gariga, pine wood, holm oaks, downy oak , carrob trees, true myrtle,  mastic tree, jupiter’s beard, lithospermo, euphorbia,  broom, asphodel, valeriana rossa, rosemary, orchids,..
Fauna: birds of prey (kestrel, peregrine falcon, buzzard, raven, sea gull,..) migratory and sedentary birds and insects, reptiles ( lizards , harmless snakes ) small mammals
Historical and archaeological interests: Warning and defence towers (Saracens), lighthouse, archaeological remains of the Minerva or Athena temple , oscan iscription on the rocky wall, church of San Costanzo Natural landscape interests : view  on Capri, Ieranto, view at 360° from San.Costanzo, rocks with visible fossils

MAP path of the Gods

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