Sorrento lemon tour

the essence of Sorrento



Meeting Point: Tasso Square (Sorrento)

On foot from Piazza Tasso, crossing ancient streets, protected by high tufa walls, reaching the hills of Sorrento in around 30 minutes. Here we discover our farm, where the cultivation and transformation of the Sorrento lemons take place.
On arrival, a cool, welcoming lemonade is served, refreshing us after our walk, and immediately luring us into the wonderful atmosphere of the lemon groves. We walk under the trellises, the lemons hanging heavy from the trees, the towering vines, the wonderful aroma of the lemons touching our senses. This itinerary brings to life the traditional farming methods, still very much present today, and yet so close to the busy tourist centre of town. Entire families are involved in the cultivation of vegetables, olives, fruit and lemons, and the production of jams, oil, limoncello and mozzarella.
The lemon of Sorrento, nicknamed the “Sorrento Oval”, or “Young Lady”, is special because of its perfume and full flavor. This unique flavor is due to the intensity and large quantity of essence present in the skin alone of this very special citrus fruit. As well as the lemon groves, we will visit the rest of the farm, where you will see the farmhands at work, either collecting lemons or preparing new trees. There will be the cowsheds, the oil groves, kept for the production and bottling of the extra virgin olive oil, the terraces and trellises, completing our understanding of just how the ingenuity of the peasants has enabled them to implement such successful methods of cultivation.
After the visit we enjoy a taste of “bruschetta” (toasted bread) with olive oil, piazza bread, citrus salad, bites of other local produce, ending with a limoncello, completing this experience and our glimpse into the traditional life of our hills.

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